31 August 2010

Top Lodge at Old Dalby

OLD DALBY DAY - opened by Norah Parkes who made a lovely speech.
This was Old Dalby Day number 27!!

The roads in the village were closed to traffic and full of people visiting Old Dalby.

The Main Arena - what a pretty setting on the Village Green.

It wouldn't be a village Gala without a Fancy Dress Competition.

A good mixture of costumes.

Ruddington Army Cardet Corps of Drummers led the procession through the main street to the Village Green. They were very well turned out.

The entire village took part in the show - many had fund raising stalls in their front gardens.

A mobile stall!!!!

"Circus Skills" entertained the crowds before Top Lodge each time - at first demonstrating his skill and dexterity - and then opening up the area to the audience for them to try their hand at juggling, spinning diablos and lots lots more.

Then it was time for the Top Lodge three handlers to introduce themselves and the sport of Heelwork To Music, Karen with Erin

They enjoyed their time showing Heelwork and had time for lots of play. Top Lodge feel it important to reward their dogs after each performance in the arena so that it becomes quite obvious how much the dogs enjoy working and their play.

Lesley demonstrating Heelwork with Angus who was 9 years old earlier this month.

And Kath with Amber - the crowd were very appreciative and now understand more about the sport.

The first routine of the day - Karen with Kes to Me Ol' Bamboo. The ground was slightly soft and on a slope which didn't help the two legged member of the teams!!!

But Karen and Kes worked well together and received a magnificent round of applause.

Next into the ring - Lesley with Angus dancing to POSH. The crowd was a good mix of ages and the Team's music had something for everyone.

Angus retrieving Lesley's hat - all part of the routine and loved by everyone.

Now it was time for Fly - instructed by Karen - to teach the younger members of the audience some of the "dog dancing" moves.

Looks like Karen and Fly made a good training partnership!

Kath and Spice closed this set with their routine to Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines.

Spice loves this routine - she gets to do all her favourite jumps in it. (Grabbing Kath's Flying Scarf wasn't really part of the plan - but as usual Spice made the audience laugh.)

New St George Morris Dancers entertained with their unique dancing. They were heard to say the grass sapped their strength - Top Lodge knew exactly what they meant! It's hard to keep moving sprightly on soft grass.

After the break, Top Lodge took to the ring once again - Lesley with Angus dancing to "Capone".

A Heelwork to Music routine which the crowd loved.

Kath followed on with Amber - dancing to Dean Martin's "Sway".

Amber finishing on a high!

Karen and Fly had more children into the ring with Fly - there were so many some had to be turned away as there would be no room to move! And then Lesley returned to the arena with Angus with their popular Freestyle routine performed to "There Ain't Nothing Like a Dame"

Spice closed the Top Lodge Session with Kath dancing to "If I Only Had A Brain"

Kath and Spice made full use of the arena - running up and down the sloping ground!!

Thank you to the organisers of the Old Dalby Day - it was very nice of you to say Top Lodge Dancing Dogs were the best entertainment you've had!!!


Anonymous said...

im .howard brooks the chap with the mobile stall on the trike
i was fundraising for parkinsons society uk

didnt get chance to see your dancing dogs but people were telling me how good it was
many thanks for showing my photo fundraising it is one of the best of my stall ive seen

all the best for future shows

howard brooks

Kath Hardman said...

Thank you for visiting the Top Lodge Blog. Very pleased you like the photo. Taken by Top Lodge Member Allan Brown. Good Luck with your fundraising for such a worthwhile cause. x