25 August 2010

Dogs Allowed in Lauder

Dogs Allowed at Thirlestone Castle, Lauder - what a fabulous setting for a great dog show.Top Lodge had been invited to entertain at the the third Dogs Allowed Show on 21st and 22nd August 2010. And what fabulous weather. There was a beautiful breeze throughout the weekend and plenty of sunshine. The Top Lodge Team stayed in a fabulous Bed & Breakfast - Lornebank Homestay - thanks to Margot Douglas for making the team so welcome with their dogs.

The Team opened each session of entertainmrent with a brief introduction to the sport of Heelwork To Music and an introduction to the members of Top Lodge. Karen with the youngest member of the team, Erin showing "free" jumping.

Lesley with young Hamish looking very eager to join in.
Kath with Amber.
Karen with Fly teaching the young audience a few of the "dancing moves".
The Team were all wearing their newest piece of kit - lovely Body Warmers from "Crazydogs".
All the dogs running free in the arena.
Lesley and Angus demonstrating "leg" jumps.
And then onto the routines - the audience were very appreciative. Karen with the oldest member of the Top Lodge Dogs, Kes dancing to "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and The Beast.
Kath and Spice dancing to "Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines".
This is one of Spice's favourite routines.
And after each routine, each dog is highly rewarded - this is Spice running for her ball.

Karen with Fly teaching more youngsters different commands and moves.

Lesley entertaining with Angus by dancing to POSH.
More from POSH.
And Angus gets his reward at the end - his rubber stick.

Karen with Kes with their latest routine "Me Ol' Bamboo" - a real crowd pleaser.

And yes, Kes does weave through Karen's legs even with the 2m Bamboo Stick in Kes's mouth!!! It's a skillful routine!

Young Hamish is strutting his stuff with Lesley!

Kath and Amber entertained with the popular Sway giving a change of pace to the show.
And with a lovely end pose.
Amber was ready to change pace for her reward at the end of the routine!!!

More people wanting to learn the moves with Karen and Fly.

Thank goodness the weather was brilliant sunshine!!!

Lesley and Angus entertaining with "There Ain't Nothing Like A Dame"
Wow - what a jump!!!!
Looks like Hamish joined in for the reward this time!

Kath and Spice - this time dancing to "If I Only Had A Brain"

Another of Spice's favourite moves!!!! Keeping Kath firmly pinned down!
Thank you to Hazel Collier for inviting us to entertain at Dogs Allowed 2010. We had a great time.

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