3 August 2010

Three Busy Days at The Big Welsh Bite - Friday

The Top Lodge Team set off to the Rhonda Valley early Friday Morning eager to arrive at the Big Welsh Bite in time to set up and be ready for their first performance due at 1:15pm. Karen and Kes opened the first session with a performance to "Me Ol' Bamboo". Kes is the oldest dog in the Top Lodge Team and it is great to be able to show the crowds how much she enjoys her Freestyle. Of course the Top Lodge Dogs all receive a daily measure of Joint Aid for Dogs to keep them fit and supple. Lesley and Hamish were next to entertain showing their routine to "Big Bad Handsome Man". The showground was quiet being a Friday, but it seemed that everyone gathered to watch the "Dancing Dogs". This was the Team's third consecutive year at The Big Welsh Bite and they are now familiar favourites with the visitors.

Karen and Fly then gave some of the younger members of the audience a chance to learn the dog's cues and movements. From "begs" to ........................

................... face down on the ground rolling around - and yes they all behaved. Thank you for joining in!
Once the arena was cleared, Lesley and Angus made their way into the ring to give a superb performance to their most recent routine choreographed to "POSH" from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
Followed by an ever eager Spice helping Kath become the Scarecrow performing to "If I Only Had A Brain" from The Wizard Of Oz.
Because the timetable for entertainment in the Main Ring was well spaced out on the Friday - Top Lodge were able to perform some extra routines for their hosts and of course spend more time in the ring between routines giving all the dogs a good reward for their work.
Later in the afternoon, Kath and Amber were able to explain the sport in some detail as the audience were keen to learn more.
" 'ello 'ello 'ello - whats going off here then???? I wonder if we could join in???"

And here they are!!! Taking the commands from Karen - the two police showed the youngsters how it should be done!!! From begging ............................ to ............................................ standing high!!! (or surrendering?)Lesley and Angus took to the arena with a fast moving routine from the musical South Pacific performing to "There Ain't Nothing Like A Dame" .
And Kes raced Karen to see who could work the fastest to "Me Ol' Bamboo"

Colin Davies (Centre) 81 yrs old managed to make his way to watch the Top Lodge Team for every performance - he has become a firm friend of the Team since their first year at The Big Welsh Bite.
Kath and Spice closed the entertainment for the day with a fast moving routine performed to the theme music from "Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines".
The first day had been very busy - travelling, entertaining and giving advice to the ever inquisitive visitors - so back to the hotel for a well earned rest.

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