8 August 2010

A Sad Day

Not long ago the Top Lodge team could not imagine a competition without Tipp's energetic and breathtaking routines. He was so fast and always right on cue with his moves. He had been a beloved and treasured member of the team for years and suddenly he is no longer with them. Tipp is now running free of pain and torment and is missed so much for his enthusiasm and keenness and very special personality! It was stunning and moving to see Kath and Tipp together. Their relationship was special.

Today was a difficult and sad day for the Top Lodge. They have been to the Blackpool HTM Competition, where Tipp and Kath should have performed in the Advanced HTM class.

Only 2 other Top Lodge dogs were entered today. Karen with Erin did training rounds and Kath with Amber danced for Tipp in the Advanced Freestyle Class, were placed 3rd and qualified for the DFS Crufts Semi Final.

Congratulations! Tipp was looking over them!

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