5 April 2011

Moving on to Sydney

Kath and Karen arrived in Sydney to be met by Loretta who made them both very welcome in her home.

That evening, they were joined by Loretta's husband and they went on a night cruise of Sydney Harbour with dinner.   A great cabaret evening on board the old fashioned Steam Boat and wonderful illuminated sights around the harbour.

 The Fun Fair as seen from the cruise.

 On the Wednesday they travelled to the fabulous Training Venue for those involved in Dancing with Dogs in Sydney and surrounding areas.  There was a good crowd eager to learn and of course Karen and Kath were eager to teach too!!!

This venue was carpeted and air conditioned - it really was the smartest of training halls. 

 A delightful selection of breeds of dogs were in attendance.

 All the handlers listened intently to the advice they were given for their particular dog.
Many Cockatoos flying freely in most areas of Australia.

The following day, Loretta took the duo for a well earned day out.  A visit to the Blue Mountains was top of the list!

 And a trip on the steepest railway in the World.

Its only a short ride but almost vertical.  This shows the ride from bottom to top - Kath and Karen did it from Top to Bottom!
 Steeped in history of the miners,
 And a cable car ride to take the travellers back to the top of the Blue Mountains.

 The famous "Three Sisters Mountains" 
 And then on to the Jenolan Caves
 A short time for lunch and a walk (avoiding the snakes!) before a spectacular tour of one of the caves
It was amazing to find out these are the oldest caves in the World.
And the one cave that Karen, Kath and Loretta toured took nearly 90 minutes to cover!

Thank you to Loretta and her husband Glen for the sightseeing in and around Sydney and thank you to all who attended their Training Day.

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