11 April 2011

And Finally Melbourne

Karen and Kath moved on to their final destination for training in Melbourne where they were very well looked after by Sue Cordwell and Greg.

 Another good Training Venue on the Melbourne Showground.

 Everywhere in Australia still very green even though this is the start of Autumn.

The attendees were split into several Discussion Groups

Another of the Groups - one step on into a multi dog routine - Who is that hiding behind the umbrella?
Another Group setting their routine out

One of the largest groups that Kath & Karen had attend their Training Weekends.
Thank you all for joining in.

Sue and Greg's latest recruits to help with the gardening!

Much to the amusement of the wild birds!!

The main Train Station in Melbourne

A sightseeing walk around Melbourne - beautiful architecture

Found in the pavements - follow the route to walk the Golden Mile

A reminder that Easter was coming.  So much chocolate.
Lots of small shops for browsing
 Melbourne Royal Arcade

Flying Pig spotted!

Found in the streets, laneways and parks of Melbourne Australia are some very creative sculptures.
The three men on their way to work can be found on
Swanston St

The ANZ Building

Inside the ANZ Building

View from the top

Melbourne - A very green City

The Ladies' Powder Room - not for those scared of heights!

Thank you to Sue Cordwell for arranging this fabulous sightseeing trip around the City.   Very worthwhile.

And again many thanks to everyone who hosted each event.   Kath & Karen would love to return again to see what progress the Dancing Dogs have made in Australia.

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