1 April 2011

Training Days in Brisbane

Karen and Kath's first visit to the venue to be used for the Brisbane Training Days was on the Friday night as the attendees had arranged a Cabaret Night of entertainment with Dinner.

The floor surface was concrete - and quite shiny but it was good to see that the "performers" carefully ensured that their dogs were not moving too fast or jumping to save injury.   It was a brilliant large area.
A new version of the Sorcerer's Apprentice.

 None stop entertainment - some handlers performing 3 or 4 routines during the evening.
 A mixture of breeds - including some rescue dogs like this wonderful Standard Poodle.

A very enthusiastic Boxer - this handler was very pleased - along with everyone watching - as it was the best performance ever achieved with this dog.  Congratulations.

 It was a great set up with a Commentator and DJ in attendance.

It was good for Kath and Karen to see the handlers and dogs who would be attending the weekend of training.

First Prize for entertainment and innovation to Coral and her GSD.   Coral was the entertainer here - the dog almost a prop!  But Coral had ingeniously choreographed a very clever piece of Canine Freestyle.

 Whoops!!!   Every move was perfect for the theme!

And this handler who normally works her dogs in Working Trials decided that the Cabaret Night was her night to "come out"!!  Yes, to the amusement of her friends, she "blinged up" for the first time and looked very good too!

 A lovely Labrador sets the pace in this routine.

Gay with her second performance of the evening with Gemma "dancing" to an Australian Theme.

 And the final performance was this Batman Routine 
 - so many "props" setting the stage for a routine to be videoed and entered into an American Competition. 

 The training days were well attended.

The training venue kept cool during the day.

A significant part of the training covered Choreography.

Involving all of the 37 participants.

The umbrellas were out for this theme - and outside there was a very loud storm with rain falling heavily for a prolonged time!  Of course Brisbane has suffered from vast flooding earlier in the year.

Kath and Karen would like to thank all those who attended their training sessions in Brisbane. 
They enjoyed every moment of the teaching and of course the food and sightseeing!

Hope to return again another time.

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