15 December 2010

Russia - Day Four

Day Four and Karen and Kath returned to the Competition Venue to take the HTM Seminar.   They were busy all day - from 10:00am till 7:00pm making sure everyone had good individual attention.  Many spectators were present so lots of questions to be answered.   Click Here for more photos taken on the day. 

At the end of the day it was time for more photographs as the handlers and translators gathered together.

 And then it was time to exchange gifts.
 Both Karen and Kath were given a "Goodie Bag" filled with mementos from Russia.
 The contents differed slightly!
 Karen was happy not to exchange!
All the delegates wanted to keep in touch and the easiest way is through the Top Lodge Website detailed on their clothing.
Time for another meal - this time it was decided to eat at the Ukraine Restaurant.  But sadly it was full so the group were directed across the road for an Italian meal.
 Wow!!   A beautiful restaurant - with a great selection of food.  This was to be Kath and Karen's favourite meal of the trip.

 Kath with Barbara one of the translators and driver over the weekend.
Karen with Polina and a representative of the Training Day.

The food was beautiful and when finished Karen and Kath went back to the hotel to take a well earned rest.

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