17 December 2010

Nantes Dog Show, France

Karen, Kath, Allan and David had arrived in Nantes late Thursday night, so it was a relief to know that Friday was a day of leisure.   However, the team spent their time wisely by checking out the venue for the Nantes Dog Show which was just a 5 minute walk from their hotel.

The organisers had arranged everything perfectly, including a changing room close to the Main Ring for their speedy costume (and dog!) changes, which would also act as a rest area for the handlers and dogs.

Saturday started early - at the Show venue - with a Training Day for a select ten handlers and many spectators in a beautifully carpeted room which was to be utilised that afternoon for an HTM Competition.
Both Kath and Karen had each been provided with an interpreter which was excellent as this meant each handler had time for many individual sessions with their GB Trainers.
Unfortunately, motivation was often lacking when the French delegates were training/rewarding their dogs.  Karen and Kath had arranged a section on motivation in their lesson plan however, many had "forgotten" to bring their dog's toys or food treats but they left the training with no doubts about how important rewards are.

The handlers were eager to learn how Karen and Kath teach their dogs different moves - Kath explains that sometimes with a small dog its easier to get down to their level.
 Another good mixture of breeds attended the training session, proving once again that this is a sport for all dogs!
The spectators were eager to learn too and never missed an opportunity to ask more questions!   The training session had lasted just three hours but in that short time, many had left with months of work ahead of them.   

When Kath and Karen returned to the Main Arena - it was fully decorated for Christmas. 
 An Agility Course had been set up in the ring giving a good display for the audience.
A little Sheltie getting fabulous clearance over the jumps!

Another good mixture of breeds taking part.   This show had a significant number of breeds specifically bred in France taking part in the Agility and the Breed Show.
Kath with Amber - Karen with Fly
After the Agility there was an hour's break for lunch and this was followed by the announcement throughout the halls, that the "Dancing Dogs from England" would be entertaining in the Main Ring.  The crowds suddenly gathered and all seats were filled.   Kath and Karen started their set with a HTM Routine performed to Sleigh Ride.  Christmas trees adorned the ring so it was very apt!
 Amber and Fly did very well - in "perfect harmony!"

After one of the fastest costume changes ever - Karen returned to the ring with Kes and performed their fast and furious routine to "Me Ol' Bamboo".  The crowd were very spontaneous with their applause.
 The atmosphere in the Main Hall was electric as spectators gathered to watch.
Kath was next into the ring with Amber to perform their World Championship winning routine to "No More Tears (Enough is Enough)". 
The routine was very well received.
Karen and the youngest member of the team, Erin, were next into the ring performing to "Lollipop" by Mika - the audience clapped along with the beat.
Erin completed the routine really well and was enthusiastic to the end.
Kath and Spice then closed this set with their routine to "If I Only Had A Brain".  Another well received routine which gained applause for the extra special moves.
Kath and Spice managed to make full use of the ring which was quite impressive as it was massive!
Straight after the Dancing Dog entertainment - the Breed Show continued.  Saturday was a National Competition and it was fascinating watching each of the Groups enter the ring - a couple of individual runs around and the top three were placed.  This dog was placed 1st.
It was good to see that those dogs with beautiful conformation and gait were highly placed.  Yorkshire Terrier (2nd)

This Basset Hound (3rd) was stunning - a good mover too.
Sunday would be an International Show and Karen and Kath were warned it would be even busier!

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