14 December 2010

Karen and Kath visit Russia - Day One

Karen and Kath were invited to Russia to judge an HTM Competition and also give advice to the Russian handlers.

Their flight to Russia by Lufthansa via Munich was very good and they arrived at Domodedovo Airport, Moscow around 4:00pm.  This area of Russia is just three hours ahead of GMT.  It was around 5 degrees "warm" - having left Derbyshire in -17 degrees this was not expected!
 The view from the "Tourist Hotel"
 The Twin Bedded Room.
The rooms were very warm - in fact they were HOT!!  The heating in many buildings is communal - so there is no need to watch how much its costs!  But with careful management of the windows, both Kath and Karen were comfortable.
 The "Dressing Room".
 The Hotel was spread into different blocks each with their own Reception Desk.
After checking in at the hotel Karen and Kath were collected by Polina (their host) and taken for dinner in Moscow City.   They were shown many monuments - this was a relatively new one called the Farmer (the woman) and the Worker (the man)
 He is holding the Hammer and she is shown holding the Scythe.  It is a beautiful piece of art.
 This monument is in the area where all space travel is documented and organised.
This monument was massive - the locals called it "The Woosh" as it depicts a rocket taking off from earth.

Day Two to follow ...............................

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