17 December 2010

Karen and Kath Travel to France - The Journey

Karen and Kath were invited to entertain and teach at Exposition Canine Internationale De Nantes on 11th & 12th December 2010.  A long journey of over 8 hours driving time but luckily both Allan and David travelled with them.  It was to be the Team's first "HTM" trip to France and their first journey using Eurotunnel. 
They arrived at Eurotunnel with enough time to spare to visit the shopping centre and were allowed to travel on the train due to leave thirty minutes earlier than the one booked.
 There is an amazing network for the loading of vehicles onto the train.
 Lorries were stacked up in a different area.
 On the way down to the loading area.
 And once onboard another long drive inside the train to get "parked".
Arriving in France - it was lovely to see the green grass and no snow.

It was a decent journey - except for one diversion which added an extra 90 minutes to their long journey.

Wind Turbines on the highest points of the landscape.

A very special photogragh!   Not often is Allan caught on film.
A welcome stop for the dogs and the Top Lodge Team even though it was bitterly cold. 

It had been a long day but the Team reached the Hotel in Nantes just in time to join the show organisers for dinner.

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