31 August 2011

Top Lodge - a return visit to The Eye Show

Eye Show - a fabulous event where Top Lodge had entertained a few years ago 

Beautiful weather!

Karen and Fly show their skills at Freestyle
Kath with Amber trying to keep precise Heelwork
but in grass long enough for your feet to disappear in!

Lesley and Angus dancing with the wind in his fur to POSH

Kes - the oldest Dog Member of the Team
still giving a good chase sequence whilst dancing to "Me Ol' Bamboo!"
Spice Flying through Kath's arms in "Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines"

Fabulous photo by the Top Lodge Photographer Allan Brown
The Black Rock Llamas

Great fun - racing Llamas!!

The Cheshire Dog Display Team

Helicopter Rides all day long above the showground

Motorstunts International -
another fabulous photo by Top Lodge Photographer Allan Brown

Stuart at the Sheep Show - educational and very funny!

Kath with Amber and Karen with Fly - a pairs routine

Angus flying over Lesley in "Mame"

The Yakovlevs Aerobatic Display

Captured on Photo by Allan Brown (Top Lodge Photographer)

The children were invited into the ring to dance like Karen's dog Fly.

Not quite synchronised - but trying hard

Much better - altogether now!!!

Kath with Spice perform to "If I Only Had A Brain"
Sarah - Top Lodge thank you for the superb commentary you gave!!

Flying the Flag - a great display from the RAF

Lesley with Hamish really striding out

The Top Lodge Pups!!!   Archie (7 months) and Denby (almost 6 months)
Thank you to the Organisers of Eye Show for looking after the Top Lodge Trio and their dogs so well.  They hope your show was a total success.

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