21 September 2011

Happy Hamish at Tomlinson's

Lesley and Hamish were delighted to be placed 2nd in Novice Heelwork To Music Part 1 at Canine Freestyle GB's Show held at Tomlinson's Canine Academy and Boarding Kennels, on Sunday 11th September.

Hamish has had a few set backs in his dancing career, he has a few allergy problems which have knocked his confidence in the past and for the last year or so Lesley has been doing training rounds with him to gradually rebuild his enjoyment of the sport.

These all paid off on Sunday when a happy and confident Hamish strutted his stuff to Caro Emerald's "A Night Like This" and it was a very special moment for Lesley to receive the Blue 2nd place rosette and stand in the line up for the photos.

Well done Hamish!

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