20 September 2010

Rutland Dog Day

For the second year running, Top Lodge Dancing Dogs were invited to
the Rutland Dog Day by Barry Briggs the Rutland Dog Warden. 

It was a lovely day - no rain and some sunshine! 
Allan Brown was supporting the team taking these great photographs.

Plenty for people to come along and watch - a great day for all dog enthusiasts.
A local dog charity "3 Counties Dog Rescue" who help Barry find homes for dogs that are no longer wanted.

Lots of Dog Charities had stalls there raising much needed funds.

Dog portraits from photographs taken on the day!
Plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables - a vast range of stalls.

The agility ring was a popular attraction.

Taking a careful few steps on the see-saw.

Barry Briggs, Dog Warden from Rutland Council -
this is the tenth year he has organised this magnificent show.

The DJ for the day - with her well relaxed dog!

Karen with Erin introducing the first of Top Lodge Performances.

And Kath with Spice warming up ready for the show.

With Fly taking leg weaves to another speed!!!

Kath and Spice enjoying their performance to Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines.

Spice - up and over she goes.

Rob Persani, Rutland Radio wanted to get involved in the action - his aim was to get a dog to "spin" for him. 
Top Lodge took this to another level with the help of Fly!

Following their first performance with no time to catch breath -
straight into an interview for the radio programme.

Karen and Kes opened Top Lodge's second performance
with their very popular routine danced to "Me Ol' Bamboo".

Kath and Amber decided to try and complete their
Heelwork To Music World Championship winning routine to "Enough Is Enough"
Not easy on long grass and a sloping pitch - but they managed to keep upright!

Fly was next in the ring -
with the help of Karen she showed the youngsters a few different Freestyle "moves".
This youngster was very keen to watch, copy and learn!

And this is Kath and Spice synchronising their moves whilst performing to Mr Blue Sky!

Mrs Barry Briggs came along to support the event.

The Malamute Rescue Charity explained the special characteristics of the breed.

And Barry was always on hand to take the lead when necessary!

For their final performance, Top Lodge invited people with their dogs into the ring
 for a short lesson in teaching some basic moves.
Everyone paid good attention and watched Karen and Kath as they demonstrated how to train their dogs.

Nice to have a Dachshund ready to learn and only 10 months old!

To close the final presentation, Kath and Spice performed their popular routine to "If I Only Had A Brain"

Spice on top - where she feels she belongs.
Thank you to Barry Briggs and Cory for bringing Top Lodge Dancing Dogs to the Rutland Dog Day 2010.

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