19 October 2010

Top Lodge at The Robin Hood Game Fair, Newark

The weekend of 16th and 17th October was to be a busy one for Top Lodge Dancing Dogs.  Two days entertaining at the Newark Showground.             All photos once again by Allan Brown.
 And just look at that weather!  The forecast had been for a good clear sky!
 Luckily when their allocated times came around - the sky lifted and although the ground conditions were wet - it wasn't too bad at all.
 Karen and Kath opened their times with an explanation of Heelwork to Music - it certainly was a very dog friendly show.  Lesley was unable to attend due to an injured back which happily is now on the mend!
 After a couple of HTM Routines, Kath and Karen explained some of the basic freestyle moves.
 Spice and Fly helped with this demonstration.
 Kes, as keen as ever, performed well to "Me Ol' Bamboo"
 And a very happy Spice and Kath with "Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines".
 Karen and Fly explaining Paw work.
 And young Erin also showing nice Paw Work.
 Amber sitting proudly in her upright beg!!!
 Oooer - Did Karen and Kath have a fan - or maybe he was taking a shot of the dogs!
 Basic weaves - a nice easy freestyle move to show the crowd.
 And Kes again taking to the ring with "Me Ol' Bamboo".
 With Spice finishing off with "If I Only Had a Brain"
 Lurcher racing - this was great fun to watch as the dogs chased the lure.
 And Erin joined in too!!!   Not sure it was moving fast enough for her though - she likes a challenge!
 This was a Staffie cross - at around 12 weeks old - ready for the chase.
 Steve Wood entertained the crowd with his Gun Dogs.  Again another puppy of around 11 weeks old.
 And Eric the springer - a real character!
 Karen and Fly performing to "Kiss" by Tom Jones.
And young Erin showing some lovely heelwork. 
 Kath and Amber performing a Heelwork To Music routine to "Enough Is Enough".
 Two days into the show and Kes as eager as ever!
 Spice "Flying" in the sunshine with Kath.
 And of course Robin Hood was at the Robin Hood Game Fair!!
 Lurcher Racing - on the outskirts of the ring where the larger dogs could really get their speed up.
 Has this one just seen the camera??   Brakes on!!!!!!!!!!!
 There were some beautiful birds of prey too.
 Baby Owl. 
 And back to the Top Lodge Dogs in the Countryman's Arena - Spice showing her very steady hind leg work.
 And Erin is learning how to do hind leg work safely.
Oh dear - is Spice getting tired or is she letting Kath know the next command?
Thank you to Aztec Events for inviting the Top Lodge Dancing Dogs to entertain at the Newark Robin Hood Game Fair.

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