25 June 2012

Festival Place Basingstoke

Festival Place - Shopping Centre and Top Lodge demonstrate Heelwork To Music to the weekend shoppers
Meeting the organisers to sort final preparations
A super dance group opened the show
And followed by a brilliant Hula Hooper!!
The crowds just grew and grew throughout the day!
First set by Top Lodge - Lesley and Angus opened with their routine to Elegance
With Karen and Fly following on with Singing In The Rain
And closing their time was Kath with Spice to the music Mr Blue Sky
Marawa - the Hula Hooper - now skipping!!  Wow!
Top Lodge taking the final curtain call to a very appreciative audience!

Time to meet and greet the public.  
Many had never had the pleasure of stroking a dog before!
Fly enjoying her session.
And Kes - perfect for the visiting children
And the dance group make friends with Hamish and puppy Dewy!!
In the afternoon - another set of demonstrations
Angus taking the cane in Elegance
Huge jump from Angus! These dogs certainly enjoy their sport!
A massive crowd gather as Karen and Fly show Heelwork To Music at its best!
Spice showing Kath how agile she is!!!
Those ears must help her get good height in the jumps!
Not many people shopping in this area!!  All too busy watching!
The crowds kept growing during the weekend!
Sunday - and it was Hamish and Lesley that opened the show.
What a good boy he was to the music of "The Night They Invented Champagne"
Up and Over!  Super routine by Hamish!!
On a rainy day outside -
Karen and Fly added sunshine to the shopper's day!
A great routine
Enjoyed by Karen, Fly and everyone watching
Time for Spice to get moving!!
Kath and Spice skipping together
All Top Lodge called back for the shoppers to show their appreciation.
A 15' pole supported by ...............
Top Lodge's Allan and David - holding very tight!!
Smiles all round
The Black Eagles!
A superb show of athleticism and 
The end of the day and one more Meet and Greet time
with the visitors  to Festival Place.
Big weekend for both Hamish and Dewy taking to the stage!
Amber and Denby meeting the children

Thank you to the organisers of this great weekend event.  

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