5 June 2012

Top Lodge at Aberdare Festival

Over the weekend of 2nd & 3rd June, Karen and Kath took Top Lodge to Aberdare Festival. 
 The first animals in the ring were the Racing Pigs.
Karen and Kes were the first Top Lodge Team to demonstrate Freestyle with their favourite routine to "Me Ol' Bamboo" - at 14 yrs age, Kes was full of enthusiasm.
Happy to finish on top of Karen!!

Next it was the turn of Kath to demonstrate Heelwork To Music - Denby just 15 months old in the ring and taking part in the show. 
 Kath was very pleased with his work - he kept his focus very well!

Next into the ring followed Amber and with Kath they demonstrated the official  8 positions for Heelwork To Music.

 Karen and Fly then entered the arena to show a fully choreographed routine to the music "Singing In The Rain"
Luckily, they didn't need the umbrella as Saturday was a little overcast but kept dry!!
 Karen then showed with Erin - freestyle moves and being rewarded ................
 with her favourite toy - the chuck - it.
Kath and Spice were then able to show a fully choreographed Freestyle routine to the music "Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines"
 Nice Body Bopping Spice :-)  The audience were all smiling at her!
Yes - the routine went well and Spice received her favourite reward at the end!
 A great demonstration of flying birds followed by "Black Mountain Falconry"
Flying in after the prey ....................
 Got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 The Commentator for the weekend - Ed Williams with Rhian watching closely!
 A local Dance Troupe - Streetwise.
Another team from Streetwise.
Hywell Davis and the entertaining Runner Pack.
Can you spot the dog?  He moves swiftly around the children making sure the ducks don't stand still!
 Kes having a break in the van, but keeping her eyes on the ducks!!
Karen with Fly and Kath with Amber show a pairs routine to Freddy Mercury's "I was Born To Love You"
It was nice for them to show other types of routines which aren't included in competition.
Saturday was a lovely day for Fly to compete against the children in Karen's game "Beat The Dog"
A lot of children took part in this game and they were all so well behaved!!!
They really took notice of what Fly did and copied her every move.
Kath and Spice finished the last performance of the day with their routine to the music from Sherlock Holmes.
"Sherlock" and the furry "Dr Watson" looking for clues!
Entertaining on the huge stage at Aberdare Festival were Only Men Aloud - fabulous!!!!
Sunday was the turn of Dick and Dom  - "Dick and Dom in da Bungalow" was a children's programme presented by the duo.
The weather on Sunday wasn't so good.  But it didn't stop the Top Lodge Team from carrying out their demonstrations.  Kath with Denby and then .................
 Kath with Amber demonstrating Heelwork.
Karen and Fly - dancing to Singing in the Rain and needing the umbrella this time!
Nice sparkly umbrella and Karen with one very wet knee!!!
 Karen showing Freestyle moves with Erin.
Erin enjoying herself despite the wet conditions.
Kath and Spice - ever keen to run through "Flying Machine"
And Spice very happy to keep jumping - the rain certainly doesn't put her off!
 Time for a run around with all the dogs.
 The new pairs routine - no sparkling tops this time but still looking smart!
Happy dogs and happy handlers!
 And keeping in step too!
The team then set up a weaving legs race for three dogs and three adults - Chris was the first volunteer and he chose Amber and they were the winners!
Dave with Denby came in second!!
And Spice managed to finish the race last - but she's the clever one as it took more food to get to the finish  :-)
Then the children decided they would try their hands - or legs - at weaving.  Denby in full control!!
 Very stylish handling of Spice!!
 They had definitely watched and learnt from the adults!!   Well Done to you all.
 Erin and Karen dance a Freestyle routine to Lollipop by Mica
"Sherlock" - Kath and "Dr Watson - Spice still looking for clues and Kath getting very wet knees!!!
Spice is never down about the weather!!

Thank you for inviting the Top Lodge Team to Aberdare Festival.

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