2 November 2011

The Top Lodge Trio win Double Gold

All three members of the Top Lodge Dancing Dog Team were selected by the Kennel Club to represent Great Britain at the Open European Championships held in Denmark on 22nd and 23rd October 2011.
Karen Sykes with Fly won the Individual Heelwork To Music Championship with two fabulous performances to the music "Hernando's Hideaway".

Massive cup, beautiful rosettes, clever Fly and Karen
with the Team's Good Luck messages. 
WELL DONE KAREN - Individual Open European Champions!!!!

Furthermore, the Top Lodge Trio - HTM TEAM GB
were placed first in the Team Competition making
Lesley and Angus, Karen and Fly, Kath and Amber
the Open European Team Champions

In the Individual Championship, Karen with Fly placed 1st, Lesley with Angus 5th and Kath with Amber 10th
On the second day, in the Freestyle Competition, Team GB - Lesley with Angus, Kath with Spice and Amber finished in 4th Place!!!!    Lesley and Angus individually placed 4th, with Kath and Spice in 7th and Kath with Amber just out the top ten places.

For more information visit the HTM TEAM GB BLOG and the Open European Championship Blog

Well done to Top Lodge Dancing Dogs.   

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