13 November 2011

Success for Angus and Hamish

Come on, let's go!
Lesley and Roger, and Angus and Hamish spent the weekend in Aberystwyth at the Show run by Aberystwyth DTC.

On Saturday Hamish enjoyed working his last Novice HTM Class, he has now moved up to Intermediate level, gaining a very respectable 4th place, and Angus and Lesley tried out their new routine in the Advanced Freestyle Class - and gained 1st place!

With the sun shining all weekend Sunday was a day for the beach - and how the boys enjoyed themselves!

This path goes on for miles!

Just like the beach

Miles and miles

Right down to the sea

Find a stick, dad, throw a stick, dad, please, please.....

Camouflaged Beardie!

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