13 June 2011

Top Lodge at The Hop Farm Kent

The Top Lodge Trio received an invitation to attend "Only Paws and Horses" - a massive show held at The Hop Farm, Kent.  Kath with Amber explained the sport of Heelwork to Music .....................
........... assisted by Lesley and Hamish
Followed by Karen with Fly showing a perfectly choreographed performance of Heelwork To Music to the music "Hernando's Hideaway"
Spice helped Kath explain the Freestyle division, showing many different moves .........................
And Karen with Kes then showed the audience a Freestyle routine to the music "Me Ol' Bamboo" from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
Angus sped his way with Lesley through their 2011 Crufts routine to the music from "Mame"
And Spice happily showed more freestyle with Kath in their routine to "Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines"
The Trio had been asked to add something extra to their entertainment - the organisers wanted public involvement - so with Karen and Fly, Kath and Amber demonstrating a pairs routine first, the audience was then invited into the arena to dance with their dogs under instruction from Lesley.
Quite a few people showed a willingness to get involved .................
others had to be persuaded that any dog could try this sport ........
some brought in extra family for courage!
Kath and Karen were always there to show them what to to if in doubt
and for some, the challenge of dancing with two dogs was taken
Of course there were horse demonstrations too
wonderful high stepping

and then to make it interesting - the two ladies pictured above, swapped disciplines and horses!
Not looking so confident but they put on a great show!
Jason Webb, from "Australian Horse Training" carried out a demonstration of understanding and building confidence with your horse in unfamiliar surroundings.
It was late in the day when the Top Lodge Trio managed to catch one of these performances - in the gusty wind and drizzle.
Back to the Dog Display Arena and Top Lodge closed the weekend with another selection of routines plus Karen and Fly giving the children from the audience a chance to "Beat The Dog".
Thank you to the organisers of the Only Paws and Horses Show at the Hop Farm Kent.
Top Lodge enjoyed their time with you all.

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