2 June 2011

Derbyshire County Cricket Club

Derbyshire County Cricket Club asked the Top Lodge Team to entertain between innings at a fast a furious T20 game on 2nd June. 
Kath and Karen were available so they went to the well attended the match.
 Karen and Kes performed to Me Ol' Bamboo much to the delight of the on lookers.
This was possible the largest ground they had performed on - but luckily they only had to cover up to the boundary rope! 
Kath chose to perform with Spice to "If I Only Had A Brain"
They only just managed to keep to the right side of the boundary rope as Spice loves running in the big circles around and over Kath.
At the end of their short performances, Phil Trow from BBC Radio Derby caught up with Karen and Kath to say how much he had enjoyed the routines.   Early the next morning he interviewed Kath live on his radio programme asking about Canine Freestyle.

They have been invited back for Saturday 28th June and will be performing around 6:45 pm.

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