23 May 2011

The Seminars in France

The training sessions began on Saturday morning with Kath and Karen having Mireille Poupard

their translator for the weekend.   She was superb and took great interest in all the work covered.
 Not having their own dogs with them - meant some of the training needed a "stooge dog" so Kath took to the floor whilst Karen showed the attendees what to do.
 This was then followed by individual attention and tuition to each handler.
 Sometimes its was easier to demonstrate with the handlers' dogs.
 This gave those learning time to watch in detail.
Karen demonstrates handler movement - an important part of Heelwork To Music and better practiced without your dog.
Lunch time at the venue - under the shade of the trees.
And eating yet again after one of the training days.  It was good for Karen and Kath to have quality time with these handlers who had travelled from France, Germany, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland
 Another eating opportunity - this time at a local Pizzeria.
 All recovering from two days hard work!
 Time to relax - Karen takes a shady seat with Mireille and her poodles.

 A visit to Corinne's training area.
 And yes!!!  Time to eat yet again!

Beautiful food before setting off to the airport.

 The French Border.
 The Rhine - looking very low.  It has been very dry weather and the river is far too low for this time of year.
The Rhine - like a beautiful holiday location with sandy beach.

Thank you to Corinne for inviting Kath and Karen to help you with your HTM and Freestyle.   And thank you to Vincianne Hubert for her photographs from the training days.

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