16 May 2011

Top Lodge Trio At Loughborough Lions Carnival

Loughborough Lions Carnival Organiser Ann Parsons - contacted the Top Lodge Team as a member of The Loughborough Lions had seen their display in 2010 and had suggested to Ann that they would be good entertainment for the visitors to the next carnival in 2011. The Team were more than happy to travel the short distance to Loughborough for their first appointment of the Season.

The Team arrived in good time to set up and Karen took advantage of the empty Main Arena to run through young Erin's routine and to acquaint her to the showground.  The weather was anything but good - spitting heavily with rain and quite cool too.

David found out how attractive it is to hold a small puppy!   Denby - 10 weeks old being introduced to the out side world.

First into the Arena were the Leicestershire and Rutland Pipe Band  - dressed in their waterproof uniforms and later joined by the British Legion Standard Bearers - the weather did not deter their playing.

 The crowds soon started gathering around the ring to watch and listen to the Pipe Band

Next into the arena were the Dako Flying Angels.  Thanks to Top Lodge Member Allan Brown for these perfect frozen in mid flight photographs!!  and of course - thank you to Allan for all the Top Lodge photographs on their blog!

 A sixteen week old Archie, Lesley's new puppy, was very steady and well focused on Lesley whilst the Pipe Band and Dako Gymnasts entertained.

 Well synchronised jumps from the Dako Flying Angels.

 Commentary inside the ring - introducing the Dancing Dogs.  (Thank you)
Kath with Amber explaining Heelwork To Music to the ever increasing audience.

Whilst Lesley and Hamish demonstrate the Heelwork positions with the Lady Mayor watching on.

Karen and Fly followed on from the explanation with their fabulous Crufts 2011 Heelwork to Music routine to Hernando's Hideaway.

 Perfect balance - in very slippy conditions too!  Well done Karen and Fly.
Kath took to the ring again, this time with her crossbreed, Spice to explain some of the moves which may be included in Canine Freestyle.

 And Lesley helped with Angus to explain more of the moves.
Once the Freestyle moves had been explained, the team showed the first freestyle routine of the day - Karen with Kes who danced nimbly to "Me Ol' Bamboo"

Again coping with the slippy, wet grass - both Karen and Kes finished perfectly on the beat.

Angus and Lesley were next to show a great Freestyle routine - to the music "Mame" - this was Lesley's routine shown at Crufts 2011.

Up and over - with his fur flying - Angus jumps as Lesley plays the banjo!

 Spice was the final dog in this section of the display with Kath and their popular routine to "Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines".
 Gosh - Spice looks a very big dog when balanced on her hind legs!
 Photo session for the local press whilst in costume!
 And then its time to meet and great the spectators. 
Kath trying to perfect a move for a routine for a brace of dogs.  Perhaps BGT would be interested!  ;-)

 Whilst again David introduces Denby to the important ladies visiting the Carnival!

Karen and Erin talk with the Lady Mayoress who had watched the entire performance.

 Yet another photo call with the press with all dogs present.

To start the second programme, Kath and Amber opened the entertainment with their Crufts 2011 routine set to "Thoroughly Modern Millie"

Thank goodness the rain had stopped and the day began to feel a little warmer.

Karen with Irish rescue dog Erin followed with their freestyle routine dancing to "Lollipop" by Mika.
Erin is learning well to focus on Karen even in surroundings which are very busy like this Carnival.
Angus taking to the air again - or should that be swimming in the sea - as Lesley joins him dancing to "The Beautiful Briney"
 Ship Ahoy!!!!
 It was now the turn of the youngsters in the crowd to join Karen and Fly in learning some of the moves.
 Could they spin or twirl as fast as Fly?   No!!!!  But they had fun trying.

 All give a paw!!!   Perfect!
The children all "Begging" - they were excellent and no doubt the mums and dads were wondering how the Top Lodge Team get the children to behave as well as their dogs!!  A clicker is a wonderful "tool".

Finally into the ring - Kath and her Crossbreed Spice performing their Crufts 2008 winning routine to the music from Wizard of Oz, "If I Only Had A Brain"
Thank you to all The Loughborough Lions and everyone who made the day very successful and thoroughly enjoyable.


Phill Symonds said...

What a fantastic write up with brilliant photos but only to be expected from a superb troupe, well done to you all.

Kath Hardman said...

Many thanks for a lovely comment!