3 July 2009

Next Stop Newark!

The Top Lodge Trio including husbands (they are all CFGB Committee members) spent all day yesterday in the Lady Eastwood Building at Newark and Notts Showground preparing this weekend's Canine Freestyle GB HTM Show.

The CFGB Committee have been so busy the last weeks sorting entries, allocating judges, buying rosettes for the winners, getting running orders out and all the other things that needs to be done to make sure the show can be a success.

It is hard to imagine, that this big, empty hall will transform into a pretty HTM dance floor!

Kath laying down the very first carpet tile...
About 2000 more had to follow before the ring was ready!

Nicci Hindson offered to come and help - thank you!

What a beautiful ring!
We are almost ready to dance!

And fencing to keep both dogs and handlers in the ring :o)

Just the warm up area to do...

The Trio is back in Newark today to finish off - still lots to do!
And tomorrow morning it will all be ready for a weekend of fabulous HTM. See you then!

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Anonymous said...

Best wishes for a SMASHING weekend and Good Luck to all competitors.

South Africa