7 July 2009

Bring it Back Project

The Top Lodge Trio received an email in May regarding "Shine".

Shine is the National Youth Festival which celebrates the talent and achievements of all young people. Shine week, on 6-10th July, consists of thousands of separate events and celebrations held in and out of schools led by young people, teachers and youth organisations.

Shine is sponsoring a music video by ‘321’ called ‘Bring it Back’ which will be filmed on the launch day of the festival, 6th July. On the day hundreds of young people from all over England will come together to perform a flash dance on the Southbank, which will have a feel of the recent T-Mobile advert filmed in Liverpool St. station.

The request was for the Top Lodge handlers and their dogs to perform a few set dances : The Bogle, The Butterfly, The Robot and The Running Man. So after a few training sessions the film crew were sent from London to film their efforts.

The camera man (Luke) and Producer Luti and Kimberley were amazed at how the dogs performed and within an hour of arriving they set off back to London with everything captured on film to be added to the filming they would complete on 6th July.

Luti finished his day by working with Fly.

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