18 April 2009

Spice has qualified for the Crufts Semi Final

The Top Lodge Trio has been competing at the Westglen HTM Club's Crufts Semi Final Qualification Show today. It was the first Qualification Show of the year and Top 3 in each advanced class would qualify.

All teams performed well and looked great in the ring!

Spice placed 3rd in Advanced Freestyle and that made her the first of the Top Lodge dogs to qualify! CONGRATULATIONS!
Kes placed 4th.

The advanced HTM class was split into 2 parts, but only the 3 best teams over-all would qualify. Fly placed 3rd and Tipp 6th in Part 1 and Amber placed 2nd in part 2. Unfortunately none of them qualified this time.

Angus has hurt his pad on one paw and was not able to compete

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