10 April 2009

Entertaining at Birthday Party

Please enjoy these photos from the Top Lodge Trio's performance last weekend. They were the 'surprise entertainment' at a birthday party, where they performed for the Party's guests early in the evening's programme of entertainment and showed 6 routines in all.

The team had to sneak in a back way and wait in hiding until they were announced - not easy to keep the dogs out of view but they managed well.

Karen and Kes opened the show with 'Be Our Guest'. The audience were very appreciative and they received lots of spontaneous applause.

Then it was Lesley and Angus performing to 'There is Nothing Like a Dame'. Angus surprised them with his massive jumps. They loved this routine.

Kath and Amber wow'ed the audience with 'Hoedown'. The first of the Heelwork To Music routines - and it was appreciated by all watching. They loved the music.

Karen and Fly performed their stunning routine to 'Hernando's Hideaway'. Another fabulous Heelwork To Music routine with Fly showing the precision of the positions with enthusiasm. Fly shared her birthday with the two "Birthday Girls" Sue and Heather.

Lesley and Angus again - this time it was 'The Farmer and the Cowman'. Another fast moving routine showing the flexibilty of Angus. There was just enough space for Lesley to manoevre her lassoo!!!

And the final routine of the night: Kath and Spice with 'These Magnificent Men'. Spice worked well - again in limited space for such a big routine. But she finished on top - her favourite place!

Thanks to Sue for organising this wonderful party.

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