26 October 2015

Denby succeeds in Advanced Freestyle

Canine Freestyle GB held the 9th Crufts 2016 Semi Final Qualifier in September 2015 with entries exceeding the allowed 25 per class so the Advanced Classes were split into two parts.
With his new routine to a Top Hat and Tails Medley, Denby and Kath were placed 2nd in the second part of Advanced Freestyle.  The scores were then merged for the two parts to find the highest scoring team who haven't yet qualified and Denby just missed qualifying by 0.06 points! There will be another year!!!
But Well Done Denby who hadn't competed in Freestyle for nearly 2 years! !!!   And in October at the Westglen Competition he competed in Advanced Freestyle and again was placed 2nd missing the Winners place by 0.05 points!!!!!!!   So close!!!

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