2 August 2015

New Training Hall Floor

It is 10 years since the training hall was built and it was decided that the floor was now feeling a little more than springy - so a new floor was to be laid by the Top Lodge Team
 Whoops - it was time to replace some of the floor and lay a new floor on top.
 Roger and Lesley made a start looking for any damage the night before.
 More damage!!   Too much dancing on this part of the floor!
 And then the team came to work the next day.
 All the carpet tiles needed lifting and stacking - new floor panels brought in, screwed down .....
 and then the tiles had to be relaid!
 Time for lunch!
 The final corner of floor is screwed in place.
 Nearly all done - last piece to be cut to fit!
Well if its OK for Spice - then its perfect for the rest of the team!!


iris maxfield said...

I do hope Roger had lunch to bless him. Looks great.x

Kath Hardman said...

Oh yes!!! We just needed a photo so he was the volunteer that day!!