14 June 2015

Tedi Goes Caravanning

Lesley’s baby dog, Tedi, turned one year old on May 31st and celebrated his Birthday with his first Caravan holiday.
He took to the experience very well, a little confused at first “the house” (Caravan)  stays the same but the “garden” keeps changing as we moved from site to site!
Tedi with Breeze and Barry
At the first stop Fylde K9 Dancers HTM Show he met his big sister, Breeze, who lives with Barry Bray.
At the second stop he met up with his BC pals, Indi and Ziva so things were still quite normal and OK, and enjoyed a good run and play on the beach.
He also became brave enough to have a go at paddling in the sea, not being a natural water baby who will jump over puddles on walks, he found the waves a little daunting at first but a nice still sea became fun!
Dewy in a reflective mood

All in all he enjoyed his holiday with Mum Lesley, Dad Roger, brother Dewy and “Uncle” Hamish, plus many of his friends from the HTM world.

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