9 August 2014

Judging at the FCI World Dog Show Finland

Lesley and Kath were both honoured and delighted to be invited to judge the Heelwork To Music and Freestyle Championships at the World Dog Show held in Helsinki.

The competition was held over two days -
 HTM on the Wednesday and Freestyle on the 

The Arena where the routines would be performed
Everything is almost ready
The timetable for the competition and personalised Rosettes for each judge.
Lesley preparing her paperwork for the Team HTM Championship competition.
A lovely touch - each judge had their own flower arrangement in their National Flag Colours.  Sweden - Frida Binette!

Denmark - Helle Larssen

Great Britain - Lesley Neville and Kath Hardman
And the Host Country Finland - Henna Meriharju and Laura Jalli (Head Judge)
 Super Rosettes
And wonderful trophies
For winners and those placed
Lovely display of awards
The opening ceremony - all teams in alphabetical order.
And after the competition it was award time for the Teams in HTM. 
First Russia, Second Sweden and Third Denmark 
A happy winning team Russia
THe HTM Individual Championship. 
And the judges had time to offer their congratulations
The Freestyle Team Championship
First Russia, Second Finland and Third Sweden
A very happy Team Russia
And the Freestyle Individual Championship

What a super time - Kath and Lesley were given these superb Vanity Cases as a memento of the occasion.

  Thank you to the organisers and competitors for making this a wonderful Championship.

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