1 June 2013

A New Puppy for Karen

Meet Midge Karen's new puppy - she is nearly 6 weeks old here.

A week later and now old enough to go to her new home with Karen and Allan, its time for Midge to meet her big sister Erin.
 Sleepy puppy very relaxed at her new home.
 "Any chance of a free meal"
 Playing with her new best friend.
 Whoops - bath time for Baby MIdge - not impressed with this at all!
 This is far better - running with another new friend Balliol Lowe.
Welcome Baby Midge - have a great time growing up to be another Top Lodge Dancing Dog.

'Karen and Allan would like to thank Madeleine Loft, Fran Godfrey Lacy and Inca  for giving them the opportunity to love and care for Midge.  They would also like to thank Jenny Harknett for making it possible'

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