1 April 2013

Teaching in Germany

Kath and Karen left a snowy Derbyshire a day early to ensure they caught their early morning flight to Munich for some teaching in Oberammergau.   Thanks to Karen for these great photographs!
Birmingham Airport - the first day of clear sky for over a week
Snow Below
And more snow in Oberammergau, Near Munich

Hotel Wolf - home for Kath and Karen for the next 6 nights

The Passion Theatre and Fire Station
They took a walk around the village prior to dinner - very snowy and lots of shops - most were very religious for the visitors to the Passion Theatre
The Mountains surrounding Obergammerau
Typical village shop
Very pretty painted murals on the hotels, restaurants and shops
And very cold - the river had frozen over
Great training facilities owned by the Hotel Wolf.  Good floor surface and very spacious.
A good variety of dogs at the seminar and a very friendly group of handlers.
Heelwork To Music in pairs.
Cheese Platter - the food was very good at the hotel
A delicious Fish Dish
Forest Dwarves (Mushrooms In Cream with Sliced Dumpling
Good Friday speciality - Pancakes with almonds, sugar and apple
The Final Day - a Group Photograph
Planning a Group Routine
Performing a Group Routine
Neuschwanstein Castle
It wasn't all work though as during some time out, Kath and Karen were taken sight seeing by their new friends Kurt and Barbara
A forty minute walk up to the castle
 was rewarded with a mug of Hot Chocolate
 with Kurt and Barbara
The view from the castle
On the final day of teaching in Germany, Karen and Kath were taken by Michaela Köppel to her training facility.  A huge industrial unit with another special dog friendly floor surface.  Wonderful

Group performances - working out their own choreography
Each group differing in their interpretation of the music
A Group of five dogs and handlers working in harmony!!
Sunrise on the final day - Easter Monday
And their final meal was taken at MIca's home - a very nice Easter Breakfast.
Thank you to Michaela Köppel and to Inge Raggl - Hotel Wolf,  for great hospitality during Karen and Kath's visit to the beautiful area in Bavaria.

They hope to see you again in 2014.

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