9 March 2013

Crufts 2013 - a great result for Karen with Fly

Karen and her super dog Fly competed in the Crufts 2013 Heelwork To Music Final on the Friday in the Arena, NEC to a packed audience.
Karen and Fly - happy to be entering the big ring
Super start pose
The music they used was "Tango de Roxanne" from the film "Moulin Rouge" which is a very emotive piece of music.
This dog dancing drives you mad!!!!!!
A heartfelt performance
She's behind you! ;) 
A stunning finish pose
Maybe this can be a caption competition?
Karen and Fly accepting the Trophy for 2nd place
The three judges were Annette Lowe GB (Head Judge), Carol Mortimer (GB) and Brigitte van Gestel (The Netherlands) who is the judge handing the award to Karen.   A very proud moment.
The evening 'spotlight performance' 
Being placed second gave Karen and Fly an "encore" at the end of the afternoon's entertainment in the huge Arena,  which was made extra special by being spotlit.
Just putting her shoe back on - it came off during their final performance!
Giving a paw to punctuate the music
Both performances were flawless and the audience showed their appreciation with their applause.  You can watch their competition performance HERE  Karen and Fly's performance starts at 48mins 17seconds.
Fly relaxing at home with her trophy for 2nd place at Crufts Heelwork to Music Final 2013
Karen would like to thank all her family and friends for the their everlasting support.

Apart from celebrating Karen and Fly's wonderful competition result, for the other two members of Top Lodge it wasn't such a good event.  Lesley had to retire Angus from competition before the Semi Finals due to arthritis setting into his shoulder and although Kath and Amber had been well placed in the HTM Semi Finals she had to withdraw Amber whilst at Crufts as Amber had a poorly tummy.  She is pleased to say a week later and she is now fully fit!!

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