6 September 2012

Kath presents HTM to Salford City College

Kath received a phone call last week asking if she was available to present a seminar on HTM for the students at Salford City College.  Bit short notice, but after checking the diary Kath happily accepted the invitation.
A lovely sunny day - but actually a bit too hot to demonstrate in the sunshine for a full hour at lunchtime, so the college made use of their Sports Hall.  Huge space but slippy floor so every entrance mat in the building was brought into use for the safety of the dogs.
Everyone very attentive - even Kath's three dogs, Denby (18 months), Amber (7 years) and Spice (10 years)
There were around 150 students - all at the College on an Animal Care Course, so Kath was one of many speakers that day.
Sign of the times, no one took notes but so many took photos or video on their phones!
After giving details about the foundation of the sport of HTM, Kath then demonstrated some of the theory with her dogs.
Amber - so keen to show what she can do.  Heelwork and Freestyle - how to teach from the very start and how to progress and use imagination for new moves.
Then Kath decided it was time to let the students have a go!!  Look at Denby weaving with the only male volunteer in the room!!
So now they had a taste of weaving - so a second group joined in.
A great even start - all together
but it soon became evident there was only one winner - and Spice crossed the finishing line in first place with her very co-ordinated handler for the race!
Ok - so we discovered a floor length skirt for weaves isn't perfect - but this handler brought in Denby in second place.  Well Done!
And Amber was last even with extra instruction.
The following presentation was by Wild Wings - a local Falconry Display Team.
The birds sitting quite patiently waiting for their turn.

And the display included some very different birds too!   This is a Spectacled Owl. A beautiful bird and quite large too.
Thank you to Salford City College (Hayley) for inviting Kath and her dogs - and photographer David too!!  The students were a lovely group of people, keen to learn more.

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