26 May 2012

Caught on Camera

A lovely sunny day with temperatures around 28 degrees - and a lovely breeze blowing 
 Top Lodge were asked to meet some television producers
 To chat about their lives and the sport of Heelwork To Music 
Lots of wonderful memories to recall over the decade that this trio have been together!
Good fun and relaxing too!
 What on earth is Kath describing to Lesley and Karen?
Karen - lost for words???
The team caught on camera - Kath, Chris, Lesley, another Chris and Karen
Nine dogs - can you spot them all?
Young Dewy - the baby of the pack 15 weeks - showing how well he can weave with Lesley
Next youngest - Denby 15 months - showing Spins and Twirls (and well focussed on Kath's hand!)
 Next youngest is Erin - 3yrs old - showing Roll Overs with Karen
 And time for a reward session too
Hamish - 5 yrs old - taking jumps over Lesley in his stride!
 Amber 7 years old - happy to show how to beg with Kath :-)
 Fly - 10 yrs old - showing how she can do Hind Leg work with Karen
Spice - 10 yrs old - showing a relatively low through arms jump with Kath
 leading up to her "Body Bopping" 
 Hamish - 10 yrs old - shows how to be shy with Lesley!
Kes, the most "mature" dog in the team at 14 yrs old - shows she can still skip as well as Karen
 And then shows how she learnt safely to be on Karen's back
 After the final height after months of training!
 Kath explaining how she taught the moves she just demonstrated
 Then Karen's turn ...................
And finally Lesley.
Thanks to Chris and Chris for taking time out to visit the Top Lodge Dancing Dog Team!

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