9 April 2012

Teaching in Norway

Kath and Karen were invited to train in Norway in 2011 - and because of their busy schedule - the visit was delayed until 2012
The venue for the weekend - a fabulous indoor riding school called Grorud Gard 
Their rooms for the three days were on the first floor of the Visitors House

And this was the owner's house -
belonging to Hans Petter and Annie
who purchased the business in August 2011
Situated at the end of a long lane in the centre of an area of heavy forest
The stabling and Education Room.
All three of the main properties - very impressive and what beautiful warm sunshine

Anja collected Karen & Kath from the venue on the Thursday morning
 for a walk round the beach and lunch
Yes, this is sea water!
A lovely view across the sea to the town where we had left the car
The Law of the Land
All dogs to be kept on lead -
 from the 15th April through the summer to 15th September
The same walk to them through a Viking burial site
Fabulous scenery on a very warm day
Time for a sit down and lunch.
The following day, Kath and Karen were presenting a Judges Seminar
 to the 8 people currently qualified to judge Freestyle in Norway.
The seminar covered all the relative Freestyle and HTM Rules
 plus a practical session judging videos.
The Group said they had learnt a lot of good advice from Karen and Kath
They left that evening, with heads buzzing from the information given during the day but now it was time for a meal out in the local town.  Food is terrifically expensive in Norway! 
Saturday - and time to get the attendees warmed up
as the temperature had dropped overnight and the wind very cruel!
Kath & Karen took advantage of using the Education Rooms which were warm!
Training then moved into the huge indoor riding school
During the Choreography training - everyone was kept very busy - and warm!
Great to see everyone joining in with plenty of space
A good mix of breeds too: Dalmatian, Pumi, Flat Coat Retriever, Schnauzer, King Charles Spaniel, Beagle, Lhasa Apso, Jack Russell, Shih Tzu, Labrador, Standard Poodle, Lagotto Romagnolo, Smooth Collie, Australian Shepherd, Chinese Crested Powder Puff,Golden Retriever, Belgian Shepherds and Collies too!  
Working with props
Team work - Norway have a class for over 6 legs!!!
Starting and Finish Poses
Back to the Education Centre for a Lasagne Evening.
HP - the Venue owner with his 6 month old JR - the rat catcher! 
Monday - time to get to the airport - but first a stop for lunch
Restaurants along the "sea front"
Karen chose the Home Made Beefburger and Kath chose the Fish Soup.
For once - the duo arrived in Amsterdam Airport
 with a little time to spare before their next flight home
The statue is called "The Black Snowman"
Thank you to Anja for arranging this trip - Karen and Kath thoroughly enjoyed passing on their experience to you all.

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