25 February 2012

Denby's Debut!

It was a big day for Denby - his ring debut at Tomlinsons Canine Centre at a Training Show where dogs were allowed to take part over 10 months old.

 Happy enough even though now off lead!
 Denby's first run went as well as could be expected for a big new venue
Happy Tuggy Denby

Second time in the ring

He kept his focus well.
He had two goes - one in the morning when busy and one later towards the end of the day when unfortunately, people had started to go home due to the very cold weather.
Kath was very happy at his attitude and movement.
Mostly heelwork with a couple of spins and weaves.
And a tuggy reward for being such a good boy
And straight back into more heelwork.
Ready for another reward
Zoooooooooooooooooooom   Food Circuit!!!
Whoops - all good fun till the food became stuck between his pads!
But happily coming back for more
Off it goes again - yummy cheese!!
And straight back into good focussed work.
Nice Denby :-) Looking very long here!
A great for training all her three dogs, Spice, Amber and Denby - very worthwhile.


Emmy said...

CONGRATULATIONS! on Denby's debut in the ring! Well done little boy! The start of a promissing career!

Helle said...

Sounds like you have a great time in the ring with Denby :-D

Pat said...

Can't wait to meet Denby,he is one handsome boy.He looked very happy in the ring,conratulations Kath.

Top Lodge said...

Thanks Helle - he's a nice boy :-)

Top Lodge said...

And thanks Emmy too :-)

Top Lodge said...

Thanks Pat 0 and thanks to Karen for taking the photos!!