31 January 2012

DogLive Germany

Kath was very happy to accept the invitation to perform at DogLive 2012 with Spice and Amber. David and Denby joined them for the experience and were invaluable help. A two day drive with stop over in Folkstone - then onwards to Euro Tunnel for the short journey into France, followed by a drive through Belgium, Holland and into Germany.  Perfect!
Backstage - the day before the show which was held on 21st and 22nd January.
The stall holders spent a day or two preparing their produce for the huge crowds expected.
Huge advert for the event on the convention centre
The river close by the hotel and venue.
Walk time for Kath and the dogs for their morning exercise.
The hotel which would be their base for four nights next to the Convention Centre.
Saturday morning and the queues were very long.  The public were allowed to take their dogs into the Trade Halls as long as their vaccinations were checked by security at each doorway.

Kath had also been asked to carry out a workshop each day - 12:00noon on Saturday and 5:00pm on Sunday.  This was Denby's first big show.
Very busy aisles between each stand but Denby took it all in his stride.
One performance from Amber and Spice each day in the DogLive Gala.  Saturday night from 7:00pm and Sunday afternoon from 1:00pm.  Amber was to open the show - walking into the arena, unlit except for flashing spotlights - she was super and showed her experience by not being affected by the large audience, sounds and darkness.
A huge screen which was used for advertising but also showed great close ups of the action.
DogLive is a very popular event - this was its fourth year and very well organised
The audience ready for the start of the "entertainment".  Amber's routine was a good show opener and she completed her brand new routine really well. 
Spice was to perform 3 hours later as the penultimate act.
Backstage during the interval - time for all three of the dogs to have a look around
Kath and her dogs with Comedian Florin and Cato - a very funny and clever act.
The arena was 50m x 23m - a great size and the surface was from the "Horse of the Year Show" held at this centre the previous week - wonderful surface for all the dogs involved.
Spice, Amber and Denby ready for the final workshop.
Denby, at 10 months old, was well focussed and happy to show what he has been taught.
Amber's attitude was brilliant - very willing to please.
And Spice "hiding" from the audience!  Always happy to show her repertoire of freestyle moves.

The following day, the return drive through Germany, Holland, Belgium and France to Euro Tunnel - and no cars waiting.  The dogs were checked through Pet Passport Control - Denby's first trip out of GB with the new Passport Regulations - no Blood Test now and no Tick Treatment required!!  This is making travel so much easier.

Euro Tunnel Shopping area - and David on his way in!!!  Thank you David for filming, taking pictures and for being with us.

Thanks to everyone of the organisers involved in DogLive Munster 2012 - you were a pleasure to work with.

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