19 December 2011

Christmas Lunch Time at Mars Petcare Waltham

Kath and her dogs, Spice, Amber and Denby were invited to entertain for the lunch hour at the Mars Petcare in Waltham.
Chairs set out in readiness for approximately 30 staff to be entertained.

And hot mince pies also lined up for a Christmas lunch time treat for those attending.

Kath with Spice and Denby all ready for the action.

Great - a few members of staff had brought along their dogs to learn some of the basic steps required for "Dancing Dogs"

Those without dogs watched intently hoping to take home some good training tips from Kath

Anyone struggling was given One to One help and guidance

Weaving, spinning, creeping and giving a paw - plenty to keep these dogs and handlers training over Christmas

Kath lent both Amber and Denby to people who had no dog with them to get a feel of training some moves

Everyone joined in throughout the hour

And a little hind leg work demonstration

The Finale - The 12 Days of Christmas".  Twelve "volunteer"  spectators were brought out on to the floor from the audience and each given a card prepared by Kath. Each card had one move for each of the 12 days.   Kath with Spice completed the entire song and every move - helped by the singers and other dog handlers!

Each "card holder" had to remember when it was their turn to sing or call out their "move". So simple - well that was the plan!

The "singers" were harder to control than the dogs each having to read or sing out their Day of Christmas at the right time!!!

But it was all worthwhile - all participants - human and dog were given a Christmas Stocking courtesy of Pedigree
Thank you Mars Pet Care for inviting Kath and her dogs to entertain you all and thank you for taking part in the Finale!

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