18 July 2011

Lesley Takes A Break In Spain

As Kath and Karen had been invited to Sweden to present a seminar, Lesley took the opportunity to visit family in Spain for the weekend.

Lesley and her sister arrived on the Thursday evening to beautiful blue skies and wispy clouds, but very hot! At least it seemed very hot to them but they were soon assured that they had arrived on one of the coolest days for a few weeks as the temperature was only in the low 30 degrees!

So it was lovely to sit outside and cook the evening meal on the Barbecue whilst discussing the plans for the weekend.

The next day Lesley had an opportunity to fulfill one of her ambitions. Having ridden horses in her teens, and taken up the sport again for a while in her early 30's (where she was often accompanied by her then teenage niece Georgina) she had been pleased to find that Georgina had started horse riding again in Spain and was now keen to meet her new acquisition - Kiwi - a gray horse that she had started riding at the local stables and had now bought.
Lesley tries the Western Saddle

Plans were made for Lesley to ride another friends horse, a skewbald called Percy. The ambition? Percy was ridden with a Western saddle and Lesley had always wanted to try riding with a Western saddle! Real cowboy style - well they did make the Spaghetti Westerns out in Spain so why not?
(It was very comfortable once she remembered not to lean forward when going up some steep parts of the path through the woods as the high pommel does tend to catch you in the ribcage if you do so.)

The View From The Town Walls
Saturday brought another new experience as the family visited the beautiful town of Guadalest way up into the mountains. With temperatures by the coast reading at 41degrees it was lovely to be so high up where there was a breeze, plus the views were stunning!
The Old Jail
A tour around part of the old castle, built by the Moors to defend the region, and the local shops and then it was home again.

Sunday was a family day around the pool followed by another barbie in the evening - much cooler outside than inside!
Back home in England on the Monday was a bit of a shock to the system to arrive to an unseasonable coolness and jumpers were soon found and worn, but Lesley was very warmly greeted by Angus, Hamish and Archie on her return!

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