27 July 2010

A Welcome Home Party

The Committees of both Top Lodge Dancing Dogs and Canine Freestyle GB were due a meeting soon after Kath and Karen returned from the World Show in Denmark and Lesley contacted the members to ask for the meeting to be held at her home.
What a surprise - a fabulous Welcome Home Party with Barbecue.Lesley and Roger had asked local friends around to celebrate Amber's World Title and Barbecue expert Chris de Jong was busy cooking a fabulous feast! Karen had endured a tough but enjoyable three days of judging with her fellow judges Marleen (Belgium) and Carina (Denmark).
The rosettes - the silver and blue was for being part of the HTM Team GB who were placed second on the first day of the Championships. The massive Red and Gold rosette, along with the Trophy was for Kath and Amber winning the Individual HTM World Championship.
A true welcome home with iced cake. Roger had been busy putting red white and blue bunting around the garden to decorate.

Cutting the very special cake! Yummy.

And then Karen and Kath were presented by their friends with a bouquet of flowers each - again the Red White and Blue theme ran throughout. Proud to be British - you bet!!!

Time to relax - party nearing an end and everyone very full!
Thanks to Roger, Lesley, Chris, Jackie and Margret.

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