13 June 2010

Top Lodge at the Beardie Club Competition

The Scottish Beardie Club held a full two day competition in Glenrothes, Scotland. Thanks to Allan Brown for all the photographs. Lesley and Angus competing in the Advanced HTM Class
Karen with Fly in the same class.

And Kath with Tipp also competing.

Lesley trained with Hamish - he gets more confident each time.

Karen with the youngest Top Lodge Dog Erin - they trained too.

Kath and Spice competing in the Advanced Freestyle Class

And competing against Lesley with Hamish - again!

And of course Karen and Kes were in this class too.

And finally Kath with Amber competed in the same class too!

Sunday had the same classes again. Karen trained Erin in Novice HTM.

And in the same class was Lesley with Hamish -once again training.

In the Advanced HTM Class Lesley and Angus.

And today Amber took part in the HTM Class too.

With Karen training Erin in Novice Freestyle.

And Kath with Spice took part in the Advanced Freestyle Class.

Kas took to the floor again with Karen in Advanced Freestyle

This is part of the routine!!! Lesley with Hamish in Adv Freestyle.

The line up for the Freestyle Class.

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