23 May 2010

Top Lodge go "Punk" with Iggy Pop

Nicky Abrahams contacted the Top Lodge Team last year with a view to filming the dog dancing to an Iggy Pop record "I Wanna Be Your Dog". The team invited Nick to a training session one day in 2009 to see if he thought it could work - the answer was a resounding "YES" and the film crew travelled from London to make this production.. Nicky was impressed with the dogs and hopefully Karen, Lesley and Kath!! It is 40 years since Iggy Pop recorded this song and the film is to be a tribute to him.
It was about 24 degrees when Nicky, Toby and Ed arrived from London - pink collars were provided for the handlers and tags for the dogs.

Those living close by were warned that Iggy Pop would be blasted out for most of the afternoon and the filming began.

The Trio worked hard making sure the dogs Spice, Angus and Fly weren't too hot - but they were given good breaks between "takes".

But no one could control the sun - when it was fully out - it was far too bright for any good filming.

Almost done - more cameras zooming in to capture every move of the dogs.

And three cameras now - even closer to the dogs who seemed oblivious of the men being so near.

The final poses!
Yippee - its a wrap! So now Top Lodge wait to see how 8 hours of filming and photographing will be turned into a tribute to Iggy Pop.
Thanks to Nicky, Toby and Ed for making the day so relaxed and fun to do.

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