9 September 2009

A Busy Day in Derbyshire with Danish Friends

The day started with a training session indoors for Emmy, Helle and Karen.

Erin training "Recall"

Helle trains Cookie for his Heelwork routine.

Emmy next with Robbie training his Freestyle routine.

Back in the garden, Kath trains Tipp for his new Freestyle routine

Next it was Spice's turn.

Finally Amber...

Tipp, Amber and Spice

Following training - all 12 dogs went for a long walk in Shipley Country Park.

A short video of the walk.

Ilkeston as seen from the park.


And at the end of the day, a balloon flying over the garden.

1 comment:

Emmy said...

Thanks for a lovely walk and a great time in UK so far :o)
You are all making me feel very welcome and important to you.
The only thing I am not happy about is, that stuff seems to keep exploding in my suitcase! Hmpf!