7 June 2009

Home from Ireland!

The last few days have been incredible - rain was forecast but they never saw rain during daylight hours! Cool breeze but dry, clean dogs!

They spent the last afternoon at the cottage cleaning - well 5 dogs and 4 people will be a bit messy!!! They did lots of washing and all was dry for packing before tea.

During their last meal, they received a text from Irish Ferries. The ferry was booked for a 14:30 sailing from Dublin - a 4 to 5 hours drive from Ballyliffin. BUT due to bad weather it was cancelled. They were allowed to choose from two other sailings on the Cruise Ferry - Ulysses. However, the two sailings available were 8:05 and 20:55.

The decision was made to get to bed as soon as possible - and to leave the cottage at 3:00 Sunday morning. Going to bed early and in daylight is not easy but with a few hours sleep they left the cottage. Just one wrong turn (the Sat Nav seemed to work slower in Ireland!!!) and they were soon travelling in good time for the ferry. Arriving in Dublin in time for the dogs to have a run and stretch their legs before breakfast and their trip across the Irish Sea which was easily sailed by the larger slower ferry.

Nice easy journey back from Holyhead - apart from narrow road driving by Kath just as they arrived in North Wales!!! With stops for the dogs to run again, a special treat of fish and chips and a stop en route (Tarporley) beautiful Ice Cream which is where they took the photo of the piglet and mum and dad :-)

Holiday now over - back to work tomorrow.

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