31 May 2009

Euro Dog Show in Dublin - Day 2

All well in Ireland!

It has been a very hot today and both dogs and handlers are getting tired from long days of performing and talking to people about HTM and dog training, but they are enjoying themselves and coping ok.

They have performed twice today and both demos went very well.

The organizers from the Irish Kennel Club wants Kath and Tipp to perform their Irish Dancing routine in the main ring just before the Best In Show final tomorrow.
'Duelling Violins' surely is an appropriate choice of music for an Irish Show! :o) - and not bad for an 11 years old resuce dog to be invited to do a Main Ring BIS demo at an European Winner Show! Well done Kath and Tipp and good luck tomorrow!

Good luck to the rest of the team too - enjoy your last day in Dublin.
Happy Dancing!

Tipp's Irish Dance at Crufts 2008

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